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5 Outrageous Lauren London Rumors & The Facts To Set Them Straight (PHOTOS)

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She's been labeled everything from "sadly just another baby mama" to "desperate". So now, here's Lauren's POV: Kathleen and Lauren also discussed why Lauren wanted to become an actress in the first place and how she's managed to keep her sanity in this business. May 31 by Natasha Lauren London dropped a little nugget of info London had a chit chat with the author of the book, Skin Deep, Kathleen Cross. I met Dwayne when I was 15 years old. She played a character named Kiera, "a former child star who starred in a Cosby Show -esque sitcom. Personal life[ edit ] London dated Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Wayne before ending their relationship in January We first posted pics of the couple chillin' in New Orleans together back in before anyone really believed the two were an item.

That is all.

Lauren and Are london dating ti

Then Lauren became pregnant with their son less than 2 luren later. Read on for what Lauren had to say about daing son's father, Lil Wayne, and their secret engagement That same year, London landed her first film role as well, playing hip-hop artist T. London joined the cast of the hit BET show The Game as a series regular from the sixth season until the series finale. Lauren London: That is all. London's next film role was the character Ivy in the release Next Day Air.

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