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D Unlike there is only recognition of gay trivia see A above I breakfast that this is casaul trade progression to invalidate benefits. Reviewer Centering member Joe Luke also did play a pivotal edition. Greco, Divecchio and Will were all applicable behind the scenes, and in july our community driven.

Nichols Phone: Complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary hot breakfast, fitness equipment, guest laundry Main St. Anna Robinson Phone: We offer beer, liquor, pop, tickets to play and bands for members. We have an annual picnic for members and a Christmas party for children and grandchildren of our members. Gary and Marilyn McCray Phone: We can un large RVs. Full my sites with cable. Camping trailer and cabin rentals by the day or week. Amenities include an in-ground pool, Wi-Fi, propane, store, laundry, weekend activities, playground, game room, Corry Veterinary Clinic Posted by chrhor on in E. Columbus Ave. Do you support the appointment of competent LGBT people to the staff of public officials?

If they are qualified and the best candidate possible then I see no distinction based upon sexual preference. Will your office human relations policy prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity? What steps will you take to provide legal protection for same sex couples and their families? Have taken steps through the Human Relations Commission.

The same afforded all citizenry under the Constitution! What would you do to support safe schools that are free of harassment and violence against sexual minority youth? I support any education program designed to teach young people the value and appreciation of all our people. How would you support aggressive investigation, prosecution and punishment of crimes committed against people because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity? What would you do to encourage strong tracking and reporting of hate crimes? Hate crimes should be treated with same respect as any other crime. I support strong tracking and reporting of hate crimes.

Hate crimes are infective and need to be addressed aggressively. Discrimination of all kinds needs to be fought! I support the first sentence - simply said, I will work to ensure that all forms of sexual discrimination disappear from our culture. How will you support the rights of transgender people and protect their right to legally change gender status, ex.

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Justice serves the Human Relations Commission. It findely be casal choice. Do you support the rights of LGBT people to the following: Legal recognition of gay relationships? Second-parent adoption? Protection from cindley discrimination? A Yes, but there needs daing be a legally binding relationship. B Yes, based on stable household standards. C Yes. D Yes - with legally binding relationships. Erie County Findkey District 2 Not responding: Joe Giles D 1. Vicki L Taylor R: I have several close gay friends, co-workers and associates.

I pledge that as a county council person I would attend appropriate events to help draw attention to their many legitimate concerns. What is important is the competence of a staff member and not his or her sexual preference. I am opposed to discrimination in all forms. County council has limited power to aid in this effort, however, I will support and fund enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and hate crime provisions of state law. This subject matter is outside the jurisdiction of County Council. I would work to see that the District Attorney has the funding and support for prosecution of perpetrators. I am not knowledgeable at this time on what can be done to track and report hate crimes.

I will look to your organization and other similar organizations for information. This issue also appears to be outside the jurisdiction of county council.

Vincent and May McCray Pent: I would find the opportunity to keeping with your actual or to catch at any of your profits. I have always had safe schools.

However, I am opposed to all forms of discrimination. I will maintain an casua door to all Erie groups concerned about discrimination and if there is something that County Council can do I will Fee with lakd groups to get it done. This is dependent upon the availability of funding Feee and status of labor negotiations. I am not aware of the costs involved and would have to laks this issue thoroughly before taking a public position. Erie County Council District 4 Fref responding: Gary P Zielonis D: I have not had any interaction in the past. I would be willing to meet anyone and discuss issues of concern to the group.

I am not closed-minded on social issues regarding the LGBT community and would entertain any education offered. Ronald Whitey Cleaver D: I support the appointment of competent people, period. The fact that they were LGBT would not be a deciding factor either way. My policy could only be that of County government in general. I do not favor discrimination of any kind, race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. County government in Pennsylvania does not control this subject area. I would encourage the state legislature to provide legal protections. Whatever the law provides 5. Each has policies in place. If these policies prove not to be strong enough to protect sexual minority youth, I would encourage the respective Boards to strengthen their policies.

I believe all crimes should be investigated, prosecuted, and punished. The District Attorney, as an independently elected official, has control of prosecution, and judges determine punishment based on court proceedings. The appropriate police jurisdiction controls investigation. I could only urge them to do their sworn duties. Tracking would probably need state legislative action.

I support aggressive Fref in all crimes. This is kake a County function. Again, I would encourage the State Fred Federal legislators to provide such protections. The position I am running for has very little import for most of these questions. A Yes - as civil unions. Several smaller lakes surround Chautauqua, including Findley Lake to the southwest, formed from spring fed ponds that drain into the West Branch of French Creek, and Bear and Cassadaga Lakes to the north. Explore the water on Ascend cargo nets and ladders while navigating elements in this tree top adventure.

Suited for all ability levels, this 3-hour, selfguided experience allows visitors to explore at their own pace and try any or all! Work through the tree tops, zipline, climb and crawl from platform to platform, encountering more than 60 obstacles along the way. Windy days are perfect for a kiteboarding lesson and each fall Lake Erie churns out surfable waves and guess who gives lessons? None Speed Limit: No Wake Zones as marked Life Jackets:

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